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64 Spots Chess Challenge

The tournament featured players from Lagos (5), Ogun (1) Ekiti (2), Oyo (3), Edo (3) and Ondo (18) in an interesting encounter which saw 16 players eliminated and 16 players proceed to the second round.

Sights From Day One & Two

The Finals

The maiden edition of the 64Spots Chess Challenge came to a final conclusion on Sunday, 26th June 2022 with two pulsating battles to determine the final four spots in the tournament.

28 spots had been successfully determined in the two previous days of the Challenge with the Round of 32 finalists (last 16) making their exit from the tournament on Friday and the Round of 16 finalists and Quarter finalists making their exit from the tournament on Saturday in a series of battles. The semi finalists also had their battles and it was time to determine the third place winner and the winner of the 64Spots Chess Challenge.

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