64Spots Chess Challenge – The Grand Finale: How it all happened!

The maiden edition of the 64Spots Chess Challenge came to a final conclusion on Sunday, 26th June 2022 with two pulsating battles to determine the final four spots in the tournament. 28 spots had been successfully determined in the two previous days of the Challenge with the Round of 32 finalists (last 16) making their exit from the tournament on Friday and the Round of 16 finalists and Quarter finalists making their exit from the tournament on Saturday in a series of battles. The semi finalists also had their battles and it was time to determine the third place winner and the winner of the 64Spots Chess Challenge.

Funmilayo ‘Trappatoni’ Feyikemi had defeated Afolabi Emmanuel in a very emotional game that stretched into the Blitz stage to emerge the first finalist while Matan Adebayo and David Olatunji had stretched their game beyond the Blitz stage into the Armageddon stage where Matan Adebayo emerged victorious to qualify for the final.

The third place battle between David Olatunji and Afolabi Emmanuel began with the two Rapid battles. David Olatunji took the first game with about 1 minute left on the clock to make it 1-0 and after a brief recess, the second Rapid game began. Afolabi Emmanuel fought back to take Game 2 to make it 1-1 thus taking the battle into the Blitz Round where a clinical Afolabi Emmanuel took the two Blitz games 0-2 and ensure there would be no need for an Armageddon battle.

David Olatunji v Afolabi Emmanuel

The final battle between Matan Adebayo and Funmilayo ‘Feyikemi’ Trappatoni followed a similar format with Matan Adebayo taking the first game in Rapid stage to make it 1-0. Trappatoni fought back to take the second Rapid Game to make it 1-1. The Blitz stage saw a more energetic Matan Adebayo take both games 2-0 to emerge winner of the maiden edition of the 64Spots Chess Challenge.

Matan Adebayo v Funmilayo ‘Trappatoni’ Feyikemi

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The 64 Spots Chess Challenge (“64CC” or “The Challenge”) is a series of organized chess tournaments aimed to create a vibrant community of chess players. The players would be well profiled and would include professionals from all walks of life.

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